Jungle Ornn build and strategy

02 Sep 2018 20:48

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Hello everybody

That is a guide regarding the Latest winner Ornn, the Fire Beneath the Mountain. Currently he's on PBE therefore I will update this once he moves live. This manual revolves round his sustaining capability from the jungle that opens a doorway for a few interesting gameplay, chiefly counter jungling. Our objective is to keep in the jungle FOREVER and control the enemy jungler. Taric is one of the best support champions to get here with!

X9 Hybrid Penetration Reds - while his Q and E deal physical harm, his W and passive (and R) do magic damage. In-between automobile attacks you'll be spamming all of your skills this seems most effective.

X9 Scaling HP Yellow - these would be the most effective yellows, we'll be receiving armor from various location.

X9 Scaling CD Blues - can be a overkill late match, based on what you assemble. But he wants some ancient game harm for quicker wave evident by additional spamming his skills.
Ofc in case you really feel like it, then you can opt for the 3x sCD and 6x horizontal CD mix.

Wanderer - yes, your own foundation AD stinks but Wanderer can help you longer.
Runic Affinities - your sole real sources.
Meditation - if you're good you can perform your work even without Meditation however, you'll be going tank therefore Merciless is futile. You're still able to do something mad like 1/4 or even 2/3 in the event that you prefer. I dont believe this is going to have an effect if you're good.
Greenfather's Present - likewise, if you arent a fantastic jungler take this to the excess damage. However, if you're great take Dangerous Game, that can be indeed great for large elo junglers, and late game(in which you guideline ).

Resolve Tree:

Retrieval - I believe that 10 less armor/magic resistance mid match, and 20 not as armor/magic immunity overdue game is a good trade off to the first sustain. Ofc, you are able to do a mad combination if you're able to eliminate it.
Tough Skin Care - the title says it :P
Runic Armor - maintain and W synergy. Smurfers will adore Perseverance tho.
Swiftness - when the enemy comes with a hefty CC comp. Otherwise take Legendary Guardian for staff fights.
First back: seekers potion
Possible second back: red/blue ward

Clearly the entire thought is to get hunters potion which along together with your command,plants and passive eating will produce the jungle your new residence.

Enchantment: Cinderhulk - great for clearing, I like the blue one for that excess CC
Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads

He's a whole lot of CC and percent HP/dmg, therefore I suggest you to construct him tanky, regardless of his Q scalings.

Consider purchasing:
Sunfire Cape - late game you market your own Cinderhulk for this, synergises with your passive

Frozen Heart - powerful vs AD conveys and AD teams generally, also because you're mana hungry ancient game(160 mana to get a lv3 spinning Q+W+R and extends up) so purchasing a mana crystal wont be a waste.

Knight's Vow - affordable yet powerful, as you will be around the map that your spouse ought to be mid.

[leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Thornmail Thornmail] - VS thick AD comps

Dead Man's Plate - chance to swap boots overdue game if you want more tankiness

Locket of this Iron Solari - to get a few magical resistance and decent overall in staff conflicts, synergises with your passive

Abyssal Mask - surely purchase when you've got a fantastic AP carry in your staff, either of you gain, synergises with your passive

Flexible Helm - VS powerful AP comps

Gargoyle Stoneplate - good for soaking damage

Low elo/smurfers:

If your staff doesnt understand how to carry, you'll need to take action yourself.
Once Cinderhulk get Sterak's Gage, afterward a Trinity Force.

Sterak's Gage - affordable yet powerful, very low CD on large shield

Trinity Force - to get some harm, synergises nicely with Sterak's Gage passive, your own Q along with your passive.

Lv1: W - harm + protect + passive CC proc
Like I stated he's mana hungry so begin Blue afterward gromp. By now you must still have 1 bud and smite, utilize the smite on raptors and finish Red. Ward it and also do the rift scuttler. Glance in the lanes then do krugs and remember to acquire hunters potion.
From today on you may telephone the jungle house. Your intention is to counter jungle him so hard he will anger quit.
Notice: Always do the scuttlers for river management, where the crops grow.
Because you'll be warding his jungle and he'll get poorer and poorer he won't exude a danger to ganking so that your fellow teammates must put their spare wards on your jungle in the event the enemy has a bright idea.

-When enemies are chasing you and you've got R in your disposal trigger it towards where you're in charge of. This is likely to produce the fire run towards youpersonally, and the minute that you walk ram it in your chasers.

-R is also practical for murdering low HP enemies operating from you personally, and is good zoning tool.

-You are able to disrupt channelings with Q snipes.

-Q wait 1 minute and E for greatest efficiency because the enemy will soon collide with your freshly created column.

-Forging mana crystal will wash your swimming pool with 250 mana right away

-Forging boots Is Truly effective as You pay only 4 minutes to cut walking period, for the rest of the match

Why is this manual great is the fact that it turns Ornn to a monster both late and early match, thanks to effectively using his distinctive kit.
You'll have infinite maintain so you'll not ever need to spend time on remembering. This can enable you on your couter jungling.
Dont go for ganks unless you're 1000% sure it is going to lead to a kill, or gank in any way.
In spite of the present year's rubber banding, should you camp his jungle he'll become useless. Mid game will become a 5 versus 4.5 and overdue game right into a 5 .
Just care to not goof around a lot of, example: dance round enemy nexus, since late game they'll grab back into 5 vs 4,5. You chances are still more positive but less space for errors.

Fantastic luck and have fun with all the new champ!

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