Sombra short Overview

02 Sep 2018 20:56

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Among Overwatch's sneakiest personalities, the hacker Sombra, includes a set of abilities constructed round evading enemies and devoting their skills. Her very first skill, Hack, leaves the goal unable to utilize their skills for a short time; she may even hack health packs to make them worthless to enemies, and then hack on turrets to disable them.

Sombra may also throw a Translocator, which she could then teleport to in any moment, even if it's in the atmosphere. Eventually, her final skill, EMP, activates a huge explosion round her which destroys all obstacles and hacks any enemies in range. Though her harm isn't outstanding, she is able to leave enemies almost helpless by minding their skills. A gifted Sombra player must poke enemy guards, opening holes which her staff can then tap.

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