The Problems That Come With a Name

Juliet’s problem is that she keeps getting caught up is societal issues and this gets in the way of her love for Romeo. She is judging Romeo by the name his father’s name, rather than who he really is. She defines him by his name, not the love she feels for him. Juliet said, “That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” (Shakespeare 2.2.43-44). Why can she not apply this same principle to the love of her life? Like the rose mentioned in the quote above, Romeo too is just as beautiful and lovely to her as he would be with another surname, so why is she still stuck? Is she so shallow as to let society’s problems interfere with her happiness? She reminds me of Daisy The Great Gatsby. She lets her waspy family make the most important decisions in her life, even though they seem to have no regard for her true happiness.
Dr. P’s problem is nearly the opposite of Juliet’s. All Juliet could see was Romeo’s name, but Dr. P can see everything but the name of the object held in front of him. He sees no label of an object and only sees its physical qualities. Dr. P’s problem is that he does not perceive the big picture of things, but rather small portions that cannot give him a solid answer. When asked to observe the glove he gives neither a name for the object, nor a definitive function. You would think that everyone would know an everyday object like a glove, but Dr. P struggles with this, why? Based on the media the story comes from, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat And Other Clinical Tales, (the important part being Clinical Tales) I would say Dr. P has some sort of medical condition. I would guess he has something like autism that forces him to look at everything far too analytically for his own good.
A name is how an object, place, or person is known. It can help us define and understand something, but it can also lead us to kept caught up in something’s perception rather than its actuality. Juliet has trouble accepting Romeo as a husband because of the negative societal connotations his name holds, and Dr. P has trouble deciding what the object is because he does not know its name; therefore he cannot figure out its function. If we were comparing this to an episode of Gossip Girl I would compare Juliet to Lilly and Dr. P to Vanessa. Lilly abandons the guy she truly loves because her mom offered to take away her inheritance, and then goes on to marry a string of wealthy men, never finding true happiness with them. Vanessa on the other hand does not care about anyone’s last name; she harps on their personal qualities. A name is how we define something, and this can be good and bad; it al depends on the situation.

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